Today’s recycling operators need more than a revolving door of people thrown at their production plants. They need a true workforce partner by their side. That’s where Leadpoint comes in.

As your operating partner, Leadpoint puts its recycling industry experience and expertise to work with support, consultation and resources tailored to your site and your goals.

What to expect from an operating partnership with Leadpoint:  

  • Meaningful relationships
  • Understanding of your operation and leadership team
  • Workforce stability
  • Reduced turnover and downtime
  • Improved productivity and profitability
  • Long-term cost savings
  • Achievement of financial and production goals

For nearly 25 years, we have delivered on these commitments with recycling companies from coast to coast.

MRFs, PRFs and PCR Sites

Leadpoint started in 2000 by providing sorters and other general laborers to MRFs. Over the years, we’ve grown to serve corporate, private, and municipal recycling facilities from coast to coast. Today, we put more than 2,200 hard working men and women to work every day in roles from sorter to manager.

As the recycling industry has evolved, we’ve changed, too.

  • We work closely with MRFs that have installed robotics and other automation.
  • We partner with plants that are retrofitting, adding, or moving their sort lines.
  • We know how to flex our service up and down as shifts are added to meet demand.
  • We’re attuned to new technologies and sustainability efforts across the country.

Serving the explosive growth of PRFs and Post Consumer Resin sites is another example of how Leadpoint has adapted to serve the industry. Like traditional MRFs, PRF and PCR sites require people and partners with expertise in:

  • recycling and recruiting
  • training and retention
  • safety and risk management
  • leadership practices that create efficiency, productivity, and profitability

Add Leadpoint to your recycling operation. Control Costs. Advance Performance. Mitigate Risk. Let’s talk.