Expertise. Experience. Stability.

Leadpoint is the recycling expert MRFs, PRFs and post-consumer resin sites have relied on for nearly 25 years. We have a reputation for providing high-performance work teams that allow recycling facilities to meet their operating and financial goals.

High Performance Work Teams at 45 sites across 22 states.

We’re not a temporary staffing company. Leadpoint is a full-time employer that works exclusively with the recycling industry.

Our embedded onsite managers and home office leadership team share their industry knowledge with each customer and plant. These experts identify and resolve issues, provide consulting and advisory services, and provide peace of mind that operating, safety, and financial goals will be met.

We’ll stand side-by-side with you as an operating partner you can rely on for:

Experienced managers embedded on-site

Full-time, qualified workforce

Advice and consultation to improve the efficiency of your operation

We’ll help you control costs, mitigate risk, increase productivity, and improve profitability.

We’re not a temporary staffing company. Leadpoint is The Smart Choice for Labor.