Leadpoint is a full-time employer, offering permanent jobs with benefits. We specialize exclusively on the recycling industry. We offer a career path for entry level associates. Under the direction of our embedded onsite managers, we get the right people on the job at your operation and then work with them – and you – to improve productivity. The result is greater efficiency and profitability for your plant.

You are the expert in running your business. We function as an extension of your management team. Our job is to work with you to assess and measure the productivity of a group of workers in your recycling facility, and to offer expert advice and consultation to help your leaders diagnose and implement a variety of operations programs.

In most cases, you’ll have the same group of workers at your site day after day. This model offers consistency, builds team knowledge and commitment, and reduces training time and turnover.

We are specialists. Leadpoint works exclusively with the recycling, industry and has done so for nearly 25 years. Our Onsite Managers are recruited for their recycling and manufacturing experience and have a skill set that includes HR leadership, safety, training, and process improvement.

Leadpoint offers three pricing models, all of which provide cost and workforce predictability. The models are traditional hourly, project, and output based. We will work with you to determine the best pricing model for your needs and goals. We can shift models over time as our relationship matures.

Your Leadpoint representative will provide you with a proposal for services, based on what we’ve learned about your operation and discussed with you and your team. When the proposal is approved, we’ll provide a formal contract. It will include the scope of work, fees, and implementation schedule. Typically, we can ramp-up our services within 30 days.

Yes. As your operating partner, you can count on us to support your needs throughout the lifespan of your business. When changes are needed, we will work with you to create alternatives that better suit your needs.

Invoices are generated weekly to coincide with employee payroll. Customers have the option to pay through ACH or paper check.

We are confident you’ll get tremendous value from our operating partnership. However, we know that things can change. Our contract includes a termination clause; it allows you to cancel service for any reason, at any point during the term of the contract.

Absolutely! You can contact us during business hours at 855-205-1511. Once we start working together, your Onsite Manager will be available to you 24/7.