We want you to be safe on the job and at home. That’s the idea of LiveSafeSM, our safety philosophy.

LiveSafe can help you think about your personal safety and what you can do to be safe at work and at home. We want you to keep working and to return home to your family at the end of every shift.

The LiveSafe principles

Safety First. Safety is a way of life, not just something to think about at work.

See Something? Say Something. Protect yourself and others by speaking up when you see something that’s unsafe, or are asked to do a task you’re not trained for.

Follow the Rules. Safety rules and regulations are designed to keep everyone safe. Knowing and obeying the rules will help you and your coworkers LiveSafe.

Teamwork. Everyone is responsible for their own safety and that of their co-workers. Be aware of the team, take the time to share your safety concerns, and accept LiveSafe input from others.

Stop Work Authority

Every Leadpoint associate has Stop Work Authority. That means, if you are asked to do something you feel is unsafe or are not trained for, you can call a “time out” without repercussion. You have the right to take personal responsibility for your safety and the safety of others at work.