Getting started with a new workforce provider or operating partner doesn’t have to be stressful. Leadpoint has perfected a proven implementation process for recycling and manufacturing plants to ensure minimal disruption.

We typically ramp-up our services within 30 days, with a stable, safe, reliable workforce and strong onsite leadership.

Leadpoint’s Implementation Process


We evaluate your personnel mix, equipment needs, maintenance requirements, safety programs, and production goals. We use that data to calculate the best pricing model for your operation.

Planning & Agreement

A report of initial findings and a workforce solution aligned to your objectives sets us up to agree on a transition plan and timeline.

Startup & Transition

Your plan is put in place. Expect to see rapid improvements in performance.

Analysis & Benchmarking

Formal analysis establishes benchmarks and key metrics, guides program adjustments, and enables planning for long-term improvements such as right-sizing and capital improvements.

Sustained Growth & Monitoring

Together, we’ll monitor work team behaviors and make recommendations that generate the results you seek.