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At Leadpoint, we focus exclusively on the recycling industry. We use our deep experience in all aspects of MRF operations and commercial recycling to provide two main services. Our turnkey workforce solution embeds full-time teams of MRF employees led by a Leadpoint on-site manager. This approach is proven to reduce turnover, improve productivity, and curtail safety incidents. Leadpoint also offers operations consulting. We diagnose how to improve efficiency and profitability in your MRF and then help put those plans into action.

In short, Leadpoint takes the chaos out of MRF operations.

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Our LiveSafe philosophy connects each employee with safety on a personal level and creates a safer environment for all. The LifeSafe principles are:

  • Safety First
  • See Something? Say Something!
  • Follow the Rules
  • Teamwork


“This partnership goes beyond staffing.  The team has a sophisticated system to monitor, document and show production quality results.  Their Data Tools are shared with the staff, but also with the external stakeholders to show trends and improvements over time.”

Recycling Manager

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Leadpoint specializes in the waste and recycling industry. Our customers operate large-scale Materials Recycling Facilities or MRFs, landfills and transfer stations in cities across the country.

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