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What Makes us Different?

A common question we get from recycling companies who are considering a partnership with Leadpoint is, “What makes you different from anyone else?”

The underlying question is the one they are thinking but don’t say out loud: “We need people and can get them from a variety of sources. What can you do that the other guys can’t?”

One thing that makes us different is our exclusive focus on recycling. We’ve been providing work team and operations support services to MRFs since we were founded in 2000. Our team has been with Leadpoint – and with the recycling industry – for decades.

In the field, 62% of our knowledgeable onsite managers are either former sorters who’ve worked their way up. The rest are recycling and production experts recruited for their experience and then trained by our experts.

Another critical differentiator is the wage and market analysis capabilities Leadpoint provides each of its customers.

More Than A Wage Rate

  • Every MRF we serve has access to our wage and market analysis, specific to their city and state AND for the jobs they’re trying to fill. Recruiting a sorter is different than recruiting a forklift driver. We can do a finer sort of the data for our industry and jobs.
  • What pay rate do you need to offer? It’s more than what the market demands; it’s about what you need to offer to attract candidates and win the war on talent. The answer is the wage that will compete with all other job seekers and win you the best people for the job. Leadpoint will help you figure out what the rate is for your site.
  • What transportation options are available? The best jobs will go unfilled if the right people can’t get there. We look at public transportation options for each specific location – routes and schedules – so we can be sure our candidates can get to your site, reliably, for each shift they’re scheduled to work.

Wage Analytics in Practice

The value of our wage data was realized by a customer who wanted to staff their MRF with a reliable top-quality crew but didn’t want to pay more than a few cents above minimum wage. Our data revealed that this was a nearly impossible request in their market. We recommended a pay rate $1.50 above minimum wage, which the customer reluctantly agreed to.

When we recruited at this pay rate, we were able to attract a high-caliber, motivated workforce. After just a few weeks under this new pay scale, the productivity of the team allowed the customer to reduce shift hours by two hours per day and cut headcount by three. The resulting increase in productivity and decrease in cost more than made up for the higher hourly wage.

Transportation & Wages

In another case and market, Leadpoint’s customer wanted to start the first shift earlier in the day so they could process more tons. The challenge we recognized was that our employees, who relied on public transportation to get to and from work, didn’t have access to bus service that would get them to work when the customer needed them.

But there’s always a solution to even the most bureaucratic of situations.

Our director of training worked closely with the city bus department to get an adjustment to their schedule, which gave Leadpoint’s employees access to reliable transportation when and where the customer needed it. In the end, the customer modified their schedule, retained the workforce Leadpoint had built and trained and got the increased productivity the site demanded.

Putting Leadpoint’s Wage Analytics to Work

Our performance management team works with data from the U.S. Department of Labor, local communities, social media, and large job boards to compile research for each customer and market. That data is analyzed by position and market to determine the best wage rate and other factors the customer and Leadpoint need to consider to be competitive and profitable in the marketplace.

We want to ensure your site’s success. Wage analytics, understanding the micro-local employment data, and considering factors like transportation are one of the ways Leadpoint delivers a high-performance workforce solution that’s different from anything else you’ve experienced.

Want to see results like the customers in this article? Talk to Leadpoint today about wage analytics for your market. Call 888-205-1211.

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