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“When the trust account is high, communication is easy, instant, and effective.”

Stephen R. Covey

The strongest working relationships are built on trust and open communication. You may quickly agree that this is true. It’s easy to say. But it’s tough to live.

The relationships Leadpoint’s onsite managers build and maintain with our clients are critical to our mutual success. Here are the Top 10 best practices our onsites recommend to foster communication, build trust, and create productive relationships.

These steps are Leadpoint’s commitment to you, our clients.

We Will.

1 – Get to know you. We will spend face-time with you and get to know you as a person first, business associate second.

2 – Listen. The greatest compliment we can offer you is to listen when you talk, take notes, and confirm that we heard AND understood you. We will show that we value what’s on your mind.

3 – Ask questions. We will ask what your concerns are and how we can help your operation succeed.

4 – Make meetings meaningful. We will actively participate in daily informal meetings as well as structured weekly meetings.

5 – Learn your business. We will learn your business, research what’s going on in the recycling industry, and commit to understanding the challenges you face at your MRF.

6 – Act. If you make a request of us, we will act on it promptly, not put it off, and share our progress with you.

7 – Follow-up. When we make a promise or a commitment to you, we will carry it through to your satisfaction.

8 – Own mistakes. Mistakes happen; we’re all human. If a mistake happens, we will own it, be honest with you about it, and let you know how we will resolve it.

9 – Be accountable. Your priorities are our priorities.

10 – Put ourselves in your shoes. We will strive to see what you see, think like your partner, and continuously learn. We will also look for ways to innovate and improve the current state, because that’s what you would do.

We invite you to add to this list: what do you think are the keys to building a valuable relationship between a MRF operator and onsite manager?

We also invite you to experience a relationship with Leadpoint. Contact us to learn more about the value, cost savings and revenue enhancement our workforce solutions provide to MRFs from coast to coast.


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