Stanley H.

“I wasn’t sure how long I would stay for, but with the good people I have met and worked with plus a strong and positive support from management down to the leads over the years, I have had no complaints.”

Stanley H., Troy MI
5 years with Leadpoint in 2022

“I feel like I am helping the next generation make it cleaner.”

San Luis Obispo, CA

E. Mejia-Torres

“I always take care of myself and try to follow all the rules so as not to hurt myself. I like my job and I always come with my senses ready to take care of myself.”

E. Mejia-Torres
Clackamas, OR

“I like that my work has a positive impact on the environment.”

Carson G., Vancouver, WA

“I am making a difference in the world and making it cleaner.”

Alonte P., Madison, WI

Mike Coe

“New jobs are nerve-wracking. As a mentor, I work with new associates to help them understand the process and all the MRF lingo so they know what’s going on. One thing I do is demonstrate good sort technique, so they avoid belt sickness, fatigue, and injuries. And I hang out with them. I’m here to be a familiar face at work.”

Mike Coe, Mentor, Spokane, WA

“It’s been a long 10 years and it’s been a lot of learning and a lot of hard work. With hard work, you can achieve anything, and your hard work will not go unnoticed.”

Detric D., North Las Vegas, NV