High Performance Work Teams

Leadpoint was founded in response to a common concern we heard from MRFs that worked with traditional staffing companies: they didn’t want more workers; they wanted a workforce that would make their business better.

Our solution embeds full-time, high-performance work teams and onsite managers inside MRFs, then uses a data-driven management approach to achieve a common goal: consistent production, cost containment and high-quality output.

We pioneered that model and have made it the focal point of our business since 2000.

Today, our customers get the labor cost flexibility that comes with a temporary workforce plus the dependable performance of a full-time, trained and safe work team. What’s more, all of this is done at a cost comparable to what you are paying today.

In addition, this model shifts the risk and burden of employee hiring, supervision, and training from your in-house management team to Leadpoint.

We give MRF operators the freedom and opportunity to support, develop and grow their organization.

Onsite Managers

Improving the performance of your operation takes attention to detail. Every day. Our onsite managers will be there for you and your team to make sure we achieve your workforce goals. Together.

These experts manage the performance of each worker, from orientation to cross training and career advancement.

They monitor KPIs and production deadlines, handle budgets and work through unforeseen disruptions.

With a Leadpoint onsite manager on your team, you’ll spend less time dealing with everyday personnel issues and more time improving your company’s bottom line.


Leadpoint will make sure you have the right workforce for your site —whenever, wherever and however you need them. Our recycling-specific matching and screening processes will put high performers to work for you – men and women who are ready and able to do the work you need on Day One.

We “top grade” each candidate to place only proven contributors in your operation.

Our recruiting model also lets you add discretionary bonuses when appropriate.

We align recruiting with data from Leadpoint Data Tools so you can plan ahead and have complete confidence in the ability and scale of your workforce.


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