The labor challenge is real. We can help.

Leadpoint invented the high-performance work team model and has proven its effectiveness.

Full-time crews of associates dedicated to each site

Embedded onsite managers oversee the crew and handle performance and HR matters

Promote-from-within philosophy reduces turnover

Proven transition process ensures seamless change

Recruiting & Retention

With Leadpoint you’ll have the right people when and where you need them. Our customers appreciate the recruiting and retention benefits that come with our labor solutions.

  • Recruiters with expertise in hiring, interviewing, and onboarding
  • AI-powered tools and processes make it easy for candidates to find work
  • Realistic job previews for candidates in recycling facilities
  • Mentor program gives new hires a strong start on the job
  • Career paths reward retention and performance with opportunities to advance

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Win the Fight for Talent with Leadpoint

Onsite Managers

High-performance work teams are led by an experienced Onsite Manager who takes care of the details and the big picture at your site.

  • Embedded full time with our employees and your management team
  • Personal connection with each associate builds loyalty and retention
  • Individual and team performance management
  • Alignment with your KPIs, training, safety, and advancement program
  • The industry expertise to identify and resolve issues and create solutions that work

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