Operating a landfill safely within a complex regulatory framework is not an easy task. At Leadpoint, we understand the challenges and provide comprehensive workforce solutions tailored to support your landfill operations.

Our Services:

Litter Collection  |  Equipment Cleaning  |  Traffic Control  |  Sign Maintenance

Why Leadpoint?

Safety Expertise: Leadpoint prioritizes safety through ongoing training, meticulous compliance management, and effective crew deployment, ensuring a safe and compliant environment.

Tech-Enabled Recruiting: AI-driven engagement, wage analytics, and rapid hiring with compliant screening ensure a qualified workforce in just 2 days.

Compliant Operations: With nearly 25 years of industry expertise, Leadpoint ensures compliance through regular site inspections, weekly employee observations, and effective crew deployment, guaranteeing smooth and efficient landfill operations.

Stable Workforce: Leadpoint offers a dedicated team managed by onsite supervisors, handling employee hiring, training, and advancement to ensure reliability and productivity.

Add Leadpoint to your landfill operation. Our solutions are flexible, and our service is reliable. Let’s talk.