Communities across the country have introduced cart tagging programs that connect with residents 1:1 at the bin – curbside – to educate, communicate and improve the waste stream.

These programs take people. We can help.

Our cart tagging employees are highly trained men and women who have the know-how to inspect carts and educate residents about what they can do to improve recycling in their community.

Our people are:

  • Carefully recruited
  • Highly trained in cart tagging programs
  • Experienced in recycling processes
  • Understand collection operations

  • Connect with residents, drivers, law enforcement
  • Have empathy and active listening skills
  • Treat others with respect and understanding
  • Capture actionable feedback

  • 1:1 engagement with residents
  • Teach what does and doesn’t go in the bin
  • Explain why it matters
  • Help residents build good recycling habits