LiveSafesm: Keeping our employees and your site safe is a commitment we take seriously.

Our commitment to safety is rooted in LiveSafe, Leadpoint’s approach to connect each employee with safety on a personal level and create a safer environment for all. The LiveSafe principles are:

Safety First

See Something?
Say Something!

Follow the Rules


Leadpoint’s safety programs and training ensure compliance and reduce risk for our employees and our customers.

Recycling-Specific Safety Expertise

Our safety team works closely with customers and industry leaders to improve recycling safety standards and performance.

  • Members of NWRA and SWANA
  • Compliance with ANSI Z245 safety and operational standards for the recycling industry
  • Onsite safety programs that meet or exceed minimum government standards and regulations
  • PPE inventory control
  • Proprietary Safety Management System (SMS) tracks safety practices and ensures compliance
  • OSHA compliance programs and recordkeeping managed for all employees
  • Available safety consulting, safety audits, safety program development

Stop Work Authority

Every Leadpoint employee is granted Stop Work Authority. If they are asked to do something they believe is unsafe or are not trained for, they can call a “time out” without repercussion. The right to take personal responsibility for safety is at the core of Leadpoint’s safety culture and key to keeping people and facilities safe.

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