Finding labor is the recycling industry’s #1 challenge. Relax – we’ve got this!

Our professional recruiters know recycling. They work full-time to find, screen, hire and place the workforce you need.

OliviaSM, our proprietary AI chatbot, drives recruiting:

  • Online application process, mobile friendly
  • Answers to common questions, on demand
  • Candidates self-schedule interviews
  • Interviews confirmed by text and phone 24 hours prior
  • Real-time visibility ensures candidates show up for interviews

Leadpoint is the operating partner that will bring you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your recycling and business goals will be achieved.

2nd Chance Hiring

We believe in the power of work to change lives, support families, and create stong communities. We are advocates for reducing barriers to employment for Americans who want to work but may have difficulty getting hired because of a prior conviction or a failed background check.

Leadpoint is a committed 2nd chance employer. Our customers can win the battle for talent with 2nd Chance hiring. Learn more about why and how Leadpoint provides 2nd Chance opportunities that can start a lifelong career in recycling.

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