Leadpoint specializes in providing labor solutions for the waste, environmental, and manufacturing industries. We are known for offering safe, stable, and productive work teams that help our clients achieve their operational objectives. Our cost-effective solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of MRFs, PRFs, polymer operations, landfills, transfer stations, waste collection operations, and cart tagging projects nationwide.

Over 20 years of industry experience with nearly 50 operations across 22 states.

We’re not a temporary staffing company. We operate as the employer of a dedicated, full-time workforce comprised of skilled individuals. Working collaboratively under the supervision of onsite supervisors, our crews ensure safe and efficient operations.

We streamline the hiring process with our tech-enabled recruitment process to connect you with the right individuals for your operation quickly. Our deep understanding of industry norms, skill requirements, and salary expectations, combined with a robust online and local outreach network, ensures that our placement services promptly identify the ideal candidate for each position.

Ready to learn more? Request a complimentary introductory call and needs assessment. Let’s discuss your existing labor program, address any challenges you may be encountering, and explore how we can deliver the results you seek at a competitive price.

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