Recycling Workforce Issues

Anyone who spends an extended amount of time looking for the right employees knows technology can be a real lifesaver. In the internet age, you can post a job to numerous job boards around with world with just one click. You can also screen your prospective employees more efficiently. However, for all the bells and whistles associated with automation and technology, there are just some things a human being can do better. Using the human element to help your recruiting process can make a big difference.  We recommend you consider adding the caring human element to your recruiting process, here are some benefits you may end up reaping.

Establishing Professional Bonds

In today’s job market, it is important to quickly establish a relationship with prospective hires, especially the ones with highly desirable skills. Studies show people want to work for companies they can trust and feel comfortable with, and if you want workers to trust you, a face-to-face meeting may be best. Personal phone calls and meetings also require the human element as well. Simply put, computers and algorithms cannot build a professional bond.

More Effective Screening

Let’s face it – screening candidates takes time, and nothing is more frustrating than having to read hundreds of applications from dozens of unqualified prospects. Career websites use a complex algorithm to screen employees for you, but it isn’t as effective as having a human being view and take note of each resume. By having another person help you review the resumes, you will be more likely to narrow the list of candidates down to the most qualified applications.

The Value of Networking

Nothing beats a good professional network, and often the only way to find qualified applicants is through word of mouth. Social Networking can only go so far, and it can be difficult to find suitable applicants, especially for a job that requires highly specialized skills. By speaking with other recruiting professionals in the same industry, you may be able to locate the ideal candidate for a job.

Let Leadpoint do the work…

If you are struggling to come up with an effective hiring process, why not leave the hard work to Leadpoint. We are the #1 labor choice for companies focused on productivity.  As a firm that handpicks the most qualified workers in the field, our company assumes all the risk; all you have to do is sit back and let our employees go the extra mile for your business. Contact us today to discuss our recruiting and high-performance work team approach.


  1. Is it possible that Your human resources department can Email Me a application or forward Me a address where I can come to to fill out a application?

    • Hi, Darrell,

      All job applications are submitted through our website. If you are interested in working at a Leadpoint location please visit and fill out an application for the position that interests you. A recruiter will review your application and contact you within 2-3 business days.

  2. After reviewing your website I am looking forward to working for this company.

    I am interested in work from home position Call Center/ admin assistance/ and data entry.

    • Thanks for your interest in Leadpoint. We don’t have any work-from-home positions available. Most of our jobs are based in recycling plants across the country. If you are interested in applying, you can use this link to view our open positions. Thanks!

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