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LeadPoint’s Hiring and Recruiting Tips:

Turning down job Candidates the right way says something about how your culture values people.  While no one likes rejection, especially when it comes from a company or position you applied to. Being unemployed is no fun, and applicants spend countless hours perfecting their resumes and practicing for interviews in hopes of finding the right job. As an employer, you can’t hire everyone, but learning how to gracefully turn down applicants can make the recruiting and hiring process much less painful. Here are some tips to help you turn down job candidates the right way.

  1. Contact Candidates as Soon as You Make a Decision

The second you know which candidate you want to hire, you should plan to contact the ones who didn’t make the cut. Applicants prefer employers to be direct, and to contact them as soon as they know they are going in a different direction. Leaving applicants waiting by the phone is not only rude, but it can be bad for business. When you give the impression, you are interested in an applicant, and proceed to hire someone else, you can be sure they will tell their friends and acquaintances about your company’s lack of courtesy.

  1. Reach Out to Candidates Personally

Let’s face it: Rejection is painful. There are ways, however, to soften the blow for applicants. Instead of presenting your company as an impersonal entity with no concern for individuals, contact all your candidates personally if you don’t intend to hire them. Whether you decide to make a phone call, or send a personalized email, applicants appreciate it when you show you actually reviewed their credentials. Always inform them that their application will be considered in the future – if that’s true.

  1. Be Direct

Have you ever exited an interview knowing you got the job? You gave all the right answers, and your resume and credentials were impeccable. Unfortunately, your feeling of confidence is quickly shattered when you didn’t receive a call back from the hiring manager. Applicants experience moments like this regularly, but by being direct, you can prevent them from having a moment of despair later. If you know a candidate isn’t the best fit, avoid stringing them along or wasting their time.

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  1. I used to work in Concrete but it’s the off season , i am a hard working and good at listening. I would be a great member to add to your team!

    • Hi, Jonathan. Thank you for reaching out to Leadpoint. We’d love to talk to you about a job with our company. Please contact our recruiting team at or call 855-801-1741 to speak with a recruiter. We look forward to talking to you!

  2. My application process has been cut off after filling up the questionnaires on the website. I would like know why I’ve been turned down by this opportunity.

    • We’re sorry you’re having problems with your application. Please call our recruiting office at 855-801-1741 for help. Thank you.

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