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Every day, dozens of motivated men and women start working at Leadpoint. Most of them join us as Sorters in a Materials Recycling Facility or MRF. These jobs are tough. They’re dangerous. And the workplace can be hot or cold depending on the time of year. It’s not for everyone.

But for many of our employees, their first day is the start of a long-term career. Some Leadpoint employees have been on the job for 5, 10 and upwards of 20 years. They like the work. They enjoy the challenge. They like a reliable weekly paycheck. And they like the security of having a permanent job in a stable environment they can depend on, day in and day out.

Our employees talk honestly about their job in this video. These are real people who work as sorters, line leads, and shift managers. Here’s what they had to say.

Getting the Job

“I did the apply online and then I came in here. I did the interview, they told me that I got the job, and I started that same day.”   Steven

“When I paroled, I was going to the re-entry center and my counselor there knew about this place, so he helped me do the application on his computer.” Joaquin

 “I was at the bottom. I was on parole for two years, went back to jail, came back out here, started looking for a job and couldn’t find one nowhere. I heard about Leadpoint. They hire people and give second chances.”  Jesse

A Typical Day in Recycling

“It takes a little getting used to. Of course, it’s trash so of course it’s gonna smell sometimes.”  Steven

“The hours that they give us are full-time.”  Maria

“I’ve been working here 4 or 5 years. I started as a Sorter, came up as a Line Lead and had my opportunity to become a manager. The first two weeks, you know, motion sickness, what have you. I mean, I was ready to say, ‘I’m done with this’, but I stuck it out. I knew from my previous past that I needed to get somewhere and get the ball rolling.”  Armando

 “You’re standing on your feet all day so nice comfortable boots is good to have.”   Steven

 “When you’re sorting on that belt, look ahead as it’s coming to you. Pretend it’s money coming down the line. The first one that grabs it wins. Money does come down the line. People throw stuff away you wouldn’t imagine.”   Armando

 “It’s a good environment. It’s challenging. I enjoy seeing the process from understanding what happens with the garbage now. Before not really understanding and now knowing how from the time they pick it up and coming through here, what happens, how it sorts, what it goes through, all the processes until it gets baled up and shipped out. I like it. It’s cool.”   Steven


“We are all the same, work as a team. We are on one page. Anything occurs, we address it. I like it. Totally.”   James

 “Honestly, I love the work, I love the people that are around me. We have a great relationship and I enjoy coming to work every day. As far as the actual hands-on work goes, I know how to do it and it makes it easy for me to do.” Arturo


If working for Leadpoint sounds like the right job for you, come join us.  Click here to view our open positions and apply today.


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