Solving Recycling Industry Challenges

If you run a recycling facility, managing costs and optimizing performance is crucial. And, if you’re like most recycling operators, you recognize that labor costs, overhead, and burden comprise one of the largest portions of your annual operating budget.

For many MRF operators, the thought of outsourcing even a portion of the workforce means adding to operating costs, not reducing them.

But what if that wasn’t actually the case?

When you consider some potentially hidden factors, you might be surprised to know that you can reduce your overall operating costs by seeking help from an industry expert who provides both workforce and onsite management personnel for your facility.

The Significant Challenges of Staffing a MRF

Staffing for any business or industry poses a challenge today. For the recycling industry and MRFs, those challenges can be exponentially greater.

Sorters are typically paid at or close to minimum wage. That fact, combined with a MRF’s tight budget, limits your ability to attract and maintain the best employees. Having the wrong employees on the job leads to diminished productivity and high turnover rates. MRF operators have to deal with the time and effort of ongoing recruiting, advertising, interviewing, onboarding, and training simply to maintain steady production levels.

Even the cleanest MRF places workers in a harsh environment. Sorting jobs are tough. The environment can be unpleasant. And MRFs are dangerous places to work. Attracting and keeping talent is critical to minimizing labor costs and maintaining profitability. Without the right employees, training, and attention to safety, you can end up with higher contamination rates and inefficiencies at every turn.

Finding a Better Way to Improve MRF Production

When you outsource your staffing and onsite management to a recycling industry expert like Leadpoint, you can eliminate these challenges and improve efficiency.

No more wasting time on a constant cycle of recruiting, hiring and training, and no more worrying about the day-to-day grind of employee management. When you shift the onus for maintaining productivity and maximizing safety to a third party, you can reduce your risk as well as your operating costs, leaving you free to concentrate on the core functions of managing your facility.

The MRF Embedded Work Team Model

Leadpoint has designed a turnkey workforce model for MRF operators, designed to maximize profitability and efficiency. Our embedded workforce of full-time employees provides you with engaged, efficient and safety-minded workers. Our onsite managers ensure peak efficiency in a safe, positive working environment.

In addition, our focus on achieving maximum performance objectives means do more than manage headcount. Leadpoint works with you to improve the productivity and profitability of your MRF, with data to back-up each decision and recommendation.

Are you ready to see how a high-performance work team can improve your facility’s productivity and reduce operating costs? Contact your Leadpoint representative today for more information.





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