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Every new employee wants to do a good job, and every MRF manager wants their new employees to stay. Setting up each new hire for success starts at the interview and continues with open, clear communication every day.

Leadpoint Workforce Manager Christy Clark offers these suggestions based on her experience at a MRF in Indianapolis.

Q – What’s your best advice for a successful interview?

I start by setting up an interview room that includes our hiring materials, PPE and other equipment. This communicates that we are an organized, prepared and reliable employer. I also am upfront and honest about the job experience and our expectations of every employee.

Q – How do you make new hires feel welcome?

I always make a follow-up phone call to each new hire after the interview and before the start of their first shift. This makes them feel like they are a part of the company from the beginning and sets us apart from other employers. Making the job more relatable and purposeful can make returning the next day more enticing.

Q – What about after employees are hired. How do you keep them engaged?

I think it’s important to build a personal rapport with each employee. Always keep a communication pipeline with employees and keep them in the loop about what’s happening at the site. I also think it’s important to get your hands dirty with your employees and show that you are willing to do everything that you ask of them.

Q – Is there a right time to build that rapport?

Arguably the most crucial time to engage with employees is within the first two days on the job. The production environment is fast paced and chaotic. Motivation and direction can easily be lost. Make sure each new hire is catching onto the main duties and answer their questions. I like pairing new employees with more seasoned workers to get the “lay of the land.”

Q – What are some of your pointers for dealing with “no call, now shows?”

NCNS happens, and it’s always upsetting to the operation and to me personally. Before the new employee leaves my office, I have them call my work phone and save it in their contacts. That removes one barrier to a “no call” and builds that connection with me as their supervisor.

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