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Why Soft Skills May Land You the JOB

So, you’ve applied to the job you’ve always wanted, and you seem to meet, if not exceed, all of the poster’s requirements. You’ve got the desire, experience and ambition, but do you have the soft skills you need to succeed? Soft skills, or non-technical skills, have long been underrated by job seekers, but recent studies show that employers, especially those in the business services industry, place a significant amount of emphasis on soft skills. If you are in the market for a new job, keep reading to learn how your soft skills can get you the job.

What Are Soft Skills?

Many job seekers are confused about what type of skills can be considered “soft.” Non-technical skills, such as those relating to communication, personal motivation, interpersonal interaction, are frequently considered “soft.” These Soft skills are usually not taught in school, however, when you prepare to relate stories that show these Soft Skills you can make a major difference in your success when interviewing for that next position in the business world.

Some of the most in-demand soft skills include:

  • Tech Savvy – Do you stay informed and can express experience in learning how to operate the latest trends in electronic devices and machines? Most companies desire employees who can learn quickly how to properly use computers, word processing programs, and the internet.
  • Strong Communication Skills – Can you convey your ideas to co-workers and superiors? Do you know how to foster an attitude of teamwork in your workplace? Communication skills can make all the difference in the office. Be prepared to discuss your social style and specific examples of challenging experience where you were able to communicate with different styles of your co-workers or managers in the past.
  • Creativity – Does the idea of new ideas get you excited? Do you understand the value of ingenuity and originality? If you answered yes, you may want to highlight your creative abilities with stories around how you offered new ideas or participated in new program development.
  • Flexibility – Can you tell stories of how you would you be willing to cover for another employee if he or she is sick? Have you shown comfort working in another department on a temporary basis? Employers love hiring workers who display flexibility.

Before submitting an application or resume, be sure to emphasize your soft skills. These are skills that everyone lists, so you want to provide the reader with an example of your skill, and how it positively contributed to a situation.

Finding the Right Position

Here at Leadpoint Business Services, we take pride in how our team members expand their marketable skills and contribute to personal growth. Contact Leadpoint Business Services today to learn more about the open positions and career development opportunities.

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