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How to Ensure Your Employees Are Striving for Workplace Safety

As an employer, your workers’ safety is one of your top concerns for many reasons.  This is understandable, but if you wish to keep your employees safe, you will have to be proactive and willing to share your knowledge and build a culture that believes it’s more than good business, it’s the right thing to do.

To be effective with work team safety, you should begin by creating an environment that facilitates and encourages safety practices. If you want to make sure your company and workers are on the same page in regards to safety, try implementing a few of the tips below.

Draft a Concrete Safety Plan

Have you created a concrete safety plan yet? If you haven’t, you definitely want to get started soon. When you draft a safety plan, you should address all the key components of a Safety and Health Management System:

1. Management Commitment and Employee Involvement
2. Work-site Analysis
3. Hazard Prevention and Control
4. Training for Employees, Supervisors and Managers

There are lots of details that go into each section, but it is important that you have a systematic approach to managing safety. They all link together to keep your employees safe!

If you are having difficulty creating a safety plan, give us a call and let’s talk!

Provide Workers With Adequate Training and Education

Have your employees been properly trained? Are they aware of common safety protocols? Your employees will be the lynchpins of your safety plan, and you want to ensure they are ready for an emergency. Holding regular workshops, testing employees on their safety knowledge and rewarding workers for engaging in safe behaviors can ensure that your employees are adequately educated. When employees are educated about safety, instances of workplace injuries can decrease significantly.

Maintain Detailed Records

Most jurisdictions require employers to maintain detailed records of workplace injuries. By keeping track of injuries and the violation of safety policies, you can show your workers you mean business about workplace safety. You can also use your records to plot trends and keep track of employee actions. Your records will also be important when the time to investigate incidents arrives. Once your record keeping system is perfected, discuss its importance with your managers and supervisors.

Hire Safety-Conscious Employees

Are you having difficulty finding workers who take safety seriously? If you are, Leadpoint Business Services can find you skilled employees who make workplace safety their top priority. Reach out to Leadpoint Business Services today to discuss your company’s staffing goals at length.

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