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PHOENIX (Sept. 20, 2022) – Axon Enterprises, Inc. named Leadpoint 2022 “Own It” Supplier of the Year at its Supplier Summit last month. The award recognizes Leadpoint’s more than 16-year partnership with Axon and its alignment with Axon’s “Own It” principles of commitment, collaboration, and accountability.

“We are humbled by this recognition and grateful for the partnership we’ve built with Axon over the years,” said Frank Ramirez, CEO and president of Leadpoint Business Services. “When the financial markets crashed in 2008, we lost nearly all our business overnight except for Axon. The success we’ve achieved in the years since then has a lot to do with Axon and the trust they’ve placed in us.”

Leadpoint provides a crew of over 500 full-time, skilled associates to Axon’s Scottsdale, Ariz., manufacturing plant. The relationship with Axon is spearheaded by Leadpoint Account Manager David Gonzalez and his team.

“The opportunity to partner with Axon allows Leadpoint to offer great jobs and career advancement to hundreds of people,” Gonzalez said, “and to help our associates learn and grow in the manufacturing industry.”

About Leadpoint
Leadpoint, the leading operating partner for the recycling and manufacturing industries, has provided high-performance work teams since 2000, helping companies optimize their operations and improve productivity, efficiency, and profitability. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Leadpoint partners with companies nationwide, driving performance improvement, workforce stability, and operating excellence through its data-driven, hands-on approach.

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