Meet Our Onsite Managers

Recycling & Baseball

William first learned about the power of recycling at a young age. He would collect cans for money to buy baseball cards. As he became older his understanding of responsible living and enthusiasm for recycling only grew. This passion eventually led him to Leadpoint and the dynamic industry of material recovery facilities (MRFs). Reflecting on his initial MRF experience, he shared, “When I first entered the MRF, it felt overwhelming, but the importance of the work made it a very interesting position.”

Embracing positivity, William’s life motto revolves around radiating optimism. In his role, he champions this philosophy by fostering camaraderie and uplifting his team through personal interactions and an open-door policy.

Originally from Riverside, William found paradise in Santa Barbara with his wife of 26 years and three now-adult children. With a landfill a short coastal drive away, William’s connection to his environment remains vivid. He is committed to Leadpoint’s vision and empowered by the growth opportunities Leadpoint offers its team members.

William still has his baseball card collection. While some cards have gained value over time, he plans to hold onto them. They are a reminder of his commitment to sustainability and, of course, his love of the game.