Leadpoint Data ToolsSM

Leadpoint Data Tools, Leadpoint’s intelligence engine, provides reliable, accurate, up-to-the-minute data that can predict your workforce needs and help you create plans that maximize your production and profitability. Together, we’ll help you make smart decisions, stay ahead of your competition, and grow your bottom line.

  • Monitor individual and facility performance
  • Establish performance benchmarks
  • Measure productivity gains and losses
  • Improve processes to gain competitive advantage
Productivity Enhancement


With the power of Leadpoint Data Tools, we will analyze workflow and individual and team behavior across your site. Leadpoint will then create programs that optimize the workforce and improve performance for the long term. Here are some examples:

  • Recruitment and training that targets high-potential candidates, reduces turnover, and improves morale
  • Continuous monitoring of KPIs for real-time insights
  • Risk management and safety programs for uninterrupted performance

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