Meet Our Onsite Managers

I Want to Build Connections

Michael’s family has worked in the recycling industry for the past 100 years in diverse roles.  He knew he wanted to continue the legacy and was quick to embrace the opportunity when an onsite manager position opened up near his home.

“I have enjoyed learning more about recycling and Leadpoint. Every day is a new challenge, and I show up ready to learn and avoid any complacency,” Michael shared.

Michael leads with personability and transparency. He credits his entry into the industry and his leadership skills to several mentors including his father, a seasoned veteran with over 30 years in recycling, as well as the directors of operations at Leadpoint.

Looking ahead, Michael is dedicated to excelling as a leader at Leadpoint and evolving with the dynamic recycling landscape. He’s focused on gathering information, ensuring site success, and laying the foundation for continuous growth.

Michael’s primary focus is his team. “I want to show my team what Leadpoint can do for them. I want to build connections between the associates, Leadpoint, and the client.” It’s not just about him – it’s about empowering his team to succeed.