Meet Our Onsite Managers

At the End of the Day, We All Go Home to Family

Michael’s experiences in life and at work as an onsite manager have confirmed a truth, a motto that keeps him focused: people want to do something positive for themselves and their families. He knows that the jobs he offers – sorters, lock out/tag out, bale groomers – help many of his people go from having nothing to getting a weekly paycheck.

“It’s such a positive when you can give out a paycheck on Friday,” Michael says. “More than once, a sorter has said to me, ‘You don’t understand. This paycheck is for my wife and kids.’”

Michael’s been there. Earlier in his life, he messed up, got into drugs, and was in the county jail more than once. He was taking care of his children, was down to his last $300, and was out of options. That’s when he found work as a sorter.

Now as the onsite manager, Michael likes to hire people who have come from a rough background, to give them the same kind of second chances that he got. “They are my best workers,” he said. “We have a smooth-running site. It’s hassle-free, and that goes back to the people. I don’t look down on anybody” he continued, “and make sure everyone enjoys coming to work.”

Today, away from the plant, Michael’s a dad, a father of five children aged 17 to 27. He also takes care of his 89-year-old grandfather. “I’m like everyone on my team. I know that by working hard and being safe, we are all able to bring home that next check every week,” he said. “At the end of the day, we all go home to family. They rely on us to bring home the bacon.”