When you shift your focus from headcount to individual performance, you can improve the effectiveness of your entire operation. That’s what Leadpoint does. We pioneered the high-performance work team model for blue-collar production environments. Together, we’ll lead your business and your workforce to perform at higher levels of efficiency, productivity and profitability.

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Leadpoint Business Services was founded in 2000 by Frank and Diana Ramirez. Together, they began with the fundamental belief that the world of workforce solutions should always be viewed through the customer’s eyes. They also chose to create a brand unlike any traditional staffing company, focusing not on headcount and worker hours, but on the performance of each person in the organization.

These two approaches have driven the creation of innovative approaches to how work gets done and how companies can improve performance through people, and have built Leadpoint into an industry leader in workforce solutions.

Today, Leadpoint is leading the evolution of high-performance work teams in America and innovating solutions to build the workforce of tomorrow.

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