Meet Our Onsite Managers

Second Chances

Growing up in Cleveland, OH, Julia’s faced the challenges of addiction and conviction within her family, witnessing first-hand the difficulties of finding employment after incarceration. Motivated by her father’s experience, Julia is committed to helping others in similar situations at Oberlin, where she ensures that everyone is treated with respect and equality.

Julia joined Leadpoint as contingent workforce coordinator with big ambitions. During her initial interview, when asked where she saw herself in 2 years, she boldly stated, “I want your job.” Her hard work paid off, leading to her promotion to onsite manager.

Her personal background allows her to connect with her team on both a personal and professional level, understanding the unique hurdles they may face. She shared, “my job is more than the day-to-day tasks; it’s about helping people who may have been overlooked due to various reasons, such as age, disability, appearance, or background.”

Ensuring her team’s stability and financial security is of utmost importance to Julia. With limited transportation options in the area, she facilitates carpooling arrangements among new hires and long-term associates, going above and beyond by helping with gas money or meals when needed.

Julia actively engages in the community to support second chance hiring initiatives. She works closely with halfway houses, the local sheriff department, case workers, religious institutions, and recovery centers to create opportunities for individuals seeking a fresh start.

Julia’s impact extends beyond the workplace. Some of her initial second chance hires have gone on to successful and stable careers elsewhere, but they still visit her, sharing their achievements. To her, her team is family.