Your interview is at:
Leadpoint Hebron, OH
522 Milliken Dr., Hebron, OH 43025

Please carefully review this information before your interview. It contains important details about what to expect, directions to the interview location, and what documents you need to bring with you.

When you arrive, ask for a Leadpoint representative.


When you arrive, please pass the parking lot on the left-hand side, Let the gate attendant know you are there for an interview with Leadpoint. Please adhere to the 5MPH speed limit on premises. Call 740-785-6522 if you have any questions. The Leadpoint representative will greet you. Note: Steel toe boots are REQUIRED for our interviews.

Required Documents

Please bring documents validating your identity and work authorization for Form I-9 completion. Click here for a list of acceptable documents.

Pre-Employment Screening

You will need to complete a screening process for this position.

What to Wear

You will be given a realistic job preview. Wear a t-shirt, jeans and steel toe boots (this is required).


You can talk to a live person Monday-Friday from 8-5 Pacific time at 855-802-1741. You can also email