Company NewsData to improve performance

PHOENIX (Dec. 16, 2019) — This quarter, Leadpoint completed the latest round of updates to our data tools. We’re excited to share this newest resource with you, which we’ve named Insight 2.0. Here are three things to know about this new technology.

Individual performance. Previously, Leadpoint collected workforce data at the team level. With Insight 2.0, performance data is captured at the individual level in one simple, intuitive tool.

Predictive analytics. Insight 2.0 allows us to see patterns and repeated behaviors across all our sites. We can use that data to predict workforce needs, production challenges and issues so we know which lever to pull to drive change and help you spend your labor dollars more effectively.

Customization. We track a consistent set of factors for all customers but now can customize our data collection to match each site and its KPIs. In other words, we can track what’s important to you and your growth.

These improvements are available to you now, but we are continuously looking for opportunities to evolve Insight 2.0 as our customers provide input on their experiences and needs. Let us know what you think!

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