Meet Our Onsite Managers

I Can Make A Difference

Edmond Gouveia is a native Hawaiian who relocated to Las Vegas in 2014 to give his family a better life. There, he worked in a production manager role for seven years before he found Leadpoint. “Honestly, I sat in the parking lot of the MRF for about an hour to get a feel for the place before I went in for my final interview and tour,” Ed said. He thought to himself, “This is going to be a challenge, but I think I can make a difference here.” He started by building a close relationship with Leadpoint’s customer.

In his first six months as the Onsite Manager, Ed has already made a difference. He’s helped the site and the team become more productive than at any time in the last five years. “We’ve worked on housekeeping, on building morale, and on training our associates on who Leadpoint is, what the job is, and how we can become successful together,” he said. His biggest pitch to the team is the opportunity for advancement. “I’ve recently promoted four LO/TOs to Line Lead positions and have a shift manager who is interviewing for an OSM job,” Ed said. “The team knows I promote from within, but they have to earn it.”

He’s also built close relationships with community organizations that have people who need jobs, including Hope For Prisoners, Goodwill of Southern Nevada, and Catholic Charities.

Ed says his style is compassionate but firm. “I know the boss isn’t always right and that it’s important to listen to our associates because they’re on the front lines every day,” he said. “When we support our associates, we make a difference for them personally, for our customer and for Leadpoint.”