Meet Our Onsite Managers

Keeping Commitments

Dustin learned from a young age that when he makes a promise or a plan, it’s a commitment he has to keep. That’s how he was raised. It’s what helped him stick with wrestling, a sport he excelled at from age 5 through high school.

Wrestling embedded in him the knowledge that success comes when you try your hardest every day, get in the best shape you can, and never call in sick. That’s what he works hard to get across to the people on his team.

“All I ask is that people show up for work, that they keep their commitment to me, to the job and to themselves,” Dustin said. “I look for people who are ready to work, are happy to work, and can get along with others. Showing up late or not showing up at all is unacceptable.”

Before you start thinking this is “old man” talk, know this: Dustin is 20. He’s worked in and around recycling since he was a kid, following his father (also a Leadpoint employee) to the plant and on business trips. He’s put in the time and effort to learn the business, has worked as a sorter, flagger and line lead, and learned how to reach out for help when he needs it.

“Some of the people I manage are my parents’ age,” Dustin said. “I’ve had to prove myself to them, but I understand. I’ve been in this business a long time. I can do it.”

Since he took on the Onsite Manager role, Dustin has taken time to learn about his employees as individuals, as people, and how to communicate with them about what he expects. Dustin is committed to the job 100% and says he doesn’t have many challenges at work. He likes to quote wrestling great Dan Gable who said, “Once you’ve wrestled, everything else in life is easy.”