Meet Our Onsite Managers

Helicopters, Cars, Motorcycles & Rafts

Most challenging is getting a steady crew together – that’s 75% of the battle. Working closely with the line leads to refer their friends – referral bonus program is in place – $300/person gift cards

60% of crew has come through referral

He had done recycling before with DuPont – recycling Tyvek – various types medical, automotive, construction – shredded and baled then back to DuPont, made into beads, and made into new Tyvek sheets/material.

How is this similar and different? Getting quality bales, material grades

Away from work – daughters are married/one in medical school. Spends time in his garage messing with his motorcycle

Harley road king – The Beast – hopes it will be the last one he ever buys…unless he can get an Indian. Would like to find an old one and restore it – it’s something you can say, I did it.

Restoring a 2006 Mustang too – completely rebuilt it. Drives it around town when the weather is good, takes it out when its sunny and nice.

His garage – collector matchbox cars, a Harley wall, a mustang wall, signs, refrigerator, workbench, desk, still has room for 2 cars. Looking to add a lift that can be folded up and put against the wall; for now, has to jack it up and put it on stands, get under on his creeper

Wife not so interested in the garage, but his youngest daughter used to be out there with him all the time; older daughter doesn’t sweat. She works at a children’s hospital/special needs children

Camping + ww rafting Shenandoah Valley

tries to corral wife’s 3 cats – they’ve been married 26 years. Used to work for Vulcan Materials – supply gravel for concrete plants, etc.  had to go to training for 1-2 months; wife’s cousin used to housesit for him. She set up the meeting. He’d been riding cycles all day, looked across the room, saw her and thought she was ot of his league so he snuck out. Second time, she was sitting with a guy but turns out it was just a friend so snuck out again. Third time, didn’t know she would be there, walked in and they’ve been together ever since. She’s my world.

Working on cars and bikes and taking care of wife and girls

Served in desert storm, air assault – really proud of that. Wings and Infantry Badge. Air Assault comes in on helicopters, rappel down, take care of business, hoisted back up on a rope, and fly out to a safe place

When you’re actually being dropped in, I was scared – it was scary. When you hear the bullets going by you, that’s scary.  You don’t get used to it – if you are, you get complacent and that’s bad. All the men in my family had served in various branches but dad was in the army which is why he joined. Graduated from HS, worked 1-2 years, then joined. He got recalled to Desert Storm after 6 months. Learned responsibility, teamwork, not to let people down.