Meet Our Onsite Managers

Helicopters, Cars, Motorcycles & Rafts

Following in the footsteps of his father, who served in the Army, Charles joined the service a few years after high school. During his five years of service, Charles was deployed to Iraq for a year, served in the Army Air Assault teams for three years, and was deployed to Desert Storm for one year. His time in the military taught him about responsibility, teamwork, and commitment. These lessons have served him well throughout his professional and personal life.

Before joining Leadpoint, Charles had over 20 years of management experience and a background in recycling, where he learned the importance of quality materials in bales. Transitioning into his role here, he found the most challenging aspect to be assembling a steady crew – a task he believes accounts for 75% of the battle. He’s found great success in creating a knowledgeable and stable team through referrals. Charles emphasizes the importance of working closely with the team and line leads and getting to know each crew member personally.

After holding the position of Onsite Manager for four years, he is determined to maintain a consistent team and ensure they are fully trained in all processes. During his tenure, he gained valuable experience dealing with customers and implementing process improvements.

Outside of work, Charles can often be found in his garage, either tinkering with his Harley or restoring his beloved Mustang. He’s also an avid collector of Matchbox cars. When he’s not working on his projects, Charles loves to escape into nature, enjoying rafting and camping adventures in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. Above all, his family is his greatest source of joy. He has two daughters and recently welcomed a granddaughter into the family.