Meet Our Onsite Managers

Never Give Up, Never Surrender

Brian’s motto is the saying, “Never give up, never surrender.” He believes that if you don’t give up, you won’t have to surrender, and that you will keep moving forward in all areas of your life. Brian’s moved around throughout his career and never backed down from a challenge as he took on roles working on power lines, then in oil fields and cement production before landing at Leadpoint.

Brian is a people person connects with his team in a hands-on way. “When I started at the MRF, I spent my first days on the job on the sort line with the crew,” he said. “I sorted with them, dumped trash, cleaned the floors, jumped in the screens, and let them know I’m not afraid to get dirty. It let the team know I was with them, and that made me feel like one of the team, too.”

Never giving up also means never disrespecting the team or the work. “If you show respect, you’ll get respect back in return,” he said.

Brian says his team is made up of hard workers. He knows they are committed to putting in their time at the MRF, but that family comes first. He tells them, “Go after your dreams and your ambitions.” And of course, “Never give up.”