Meet Our Onsite Managers

From Sanitary to Sanitation

Before joining Leadpoint, Andre worked for food service giant Sodexo, a job he started when he was just 19. There, he learned the business of providing healthy meals for institutions like hospitals, schools and universities, care facilities, and sports arenas. Now he’s in the recycling industry with Leadpoint, a job that’s surprisingly similar to the one he came from.

“I went from clean, sanitary kitchens to garbage and the sanitation industry,” Andre jokes. To some, the shift could have been a culture shock. For Andre, it was about applying what he already knew to a new environment. He says 98% of the job is the same. Both rely on a dedicated contract workforce, place a premium on safety, build close relationships with customers, and deal with HR issues like hiring, training, turnover and discipline.

“I always make time to tell my personal story to the people on the line,” Andre said. “I started at the bottom, taking out the trash and mopping floors in a hospital, and worked my way up.” His career wasn’t an accident; it was the result of hard work.

“Hard work gets noticed. In my life, I always took pride in being reliable, showing up on time, and leaving the job in better condition than where I found it,” he said. “It’s the same for our crew at Leadpoint. The opportunities are there if you try to do your best every day.”