Meet Our Onsite Managers

Responsible. Safe. Committed.

Ana is Leadpoint’s most tenured onsite manger. She joined the company in 2004 and was promoted to onsite manager in 2007.

She also has an extraordinary record of employee retention. A lot of the sorters at the Clackamas plant have been there with Ana since the beginning, many with service exceeding 15 years.

Ana is recognized by her peers and by Leadpoint as someone who runs her workforce with a high degree of competency, safety and skill. Ana credits her team, her manager and her relationship with the customer for her success.

“We treat our employees well. For example, we’ve implemented more PTO and better insurance programs over the years,” Ana said. “My team appreciates that the work here is full time, not seasonal like construction or landscaping. That’s important to them.”

Ana has also worked with the customer to create a strong safety culture at the plant. “The hardest part of my job is getting people to understand that safety is for them, not for anyone else,” she said. “Forgetting about safety or PPE for a minute can change your life forever.”

She also credits her manager, Saul Diaz, for her professional growth. “I have learned a lot from him as a manager and he always supports me,” Ana said. “I will never forget that he gave me the opportunity and believed in me to take this position.”

The key, however, is that Ana is there for her team. “They are good people and good workers. They have responsibility, ability and commitment to the job.”

It sounds like they’ve followed the example Ana has been setting every day since 2004.