Meet Our Onsite Managers

From Sorter to Onsite Manager

Since joining Leadpoint in 2022, Alex’s journey has been characterized by dedication and personal growth. Beginning as a sorter, he quickly advanced to a spotter role. Afterward, he served as the closing shift lead for approximately a year before transitioning into his current position as Onsite Manager of two sites in Vancouver – a MRF and transfer station.

Before Leadpoint, Alex worked as a truck driver. He was drawn to the waste industry for its stability. Although he initially considered being a garbage truck driver, his path led him to Leadpoint instead.

Alex is committed to standardizing specific training for his sites and recognizes the importance of tailoring programs to meet site-specific needs. He values Leadpoint’s emphasis on second-chance employment and enjoys helping employees strive for personal and professional growth.

Outside of work, Alex hones his golf skills and boasts experience as a competitive disc golf player. Reflecting on his journey at Leadpoint, Alex appreciates the support and opportunities for advancement. He encourages new hires to seize opportunities, emphasizing the value of showing up and doing one’s job. With just two years under his belt, Alex is excited to see how far his career at Leadpoint can take him.