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PHOENIX (April 30, 2019) – Modern recycling came to Texas, this month in a new, 77,000 square foot recycling center and Leadpoint was there for the celebration. The facility uses highly-advanced technology like optical sorters, anti-wrap fiber screens and other innovative techniques to sort and process 350 tons of recycled material daily.

But it still takes people to do make the sorting process work. That’s where Leadpoint comes in.

Leadpoint has 25 sorters on the first shift at the Plano site and is working with the plant managers to staff a second shift. “Our expertise in recycling is invaluable to customers in Texas and elsewhere,” said Frank Ramirez, Leadpoint CEO and president. “Not only do our high-performance work teams ensure smooth operation of these sophisticated sorting machines, but they also do the fine, hand-sorting that’s necessary to produce a contamination-free end product. And that clean result is what gives recyclers a competitive edge on the open market.”

Diana Ramirez, Leadpoint’s executive vice president and owner, was also present for the opening of the new Texas site. She was impressed with the recycling operation and also with the public education center attached to the plant. “People have misconceptions about recycling. It can be confusing,” she said. “The education center teaches children and families more than how and what to recycle. It shows how recycling has an impact on our planet and our future.

“The education center is also valuable for Leadpoint’s employees,” she said. “It helps explain why they’re doing what they’re doing, and how their job is about more than just separating product. That insight makes their work more meaningful, which improves employee motivation, retention and loyalty.”

Leadpoint’s Onsite Manager Collette Martinez joined Frank and Diana at the Texas opening, along with the plant’s executive team, local business leaders, dignitaries and elected officials.

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About Leadpoint

Since 2000, Leadpoint has helped recycling companies make better decisions about how to maximize their workforce and improve the productivity, efficiency and profitability of their operation. Leadpoint’s high-performance work team model embeds full-time employees and onsite managers who work with site owners and managers to achieve a common goal: consistent production, cost containment and high-quality, profitable output. Based in Phoenix, the company takes the chaos out of MRF operations and optimizes performance for recycling organizations nationwide.