Meet Our Onsite Managers

It’s All About the People

Michelle, a Wisconsin native, considers it home for herself and her four children. With a background in human resources and training, Michelle stumbled into HR but stayed due to her commitment to making a positive impact, a passion she’s brought to Leadpoint.

Starting as a Contingent Workforce Coordinator (CWC) at our Wisconsin site, Michelle also supported our Operations Support Team by traveling to other sites for training and filling in for CWCs and Onsite Managers (OSM).

Now as OSM, Michelle states, “I want to make a difference. It’s tough finding people for an MRF. I use a personalized approach—no one-size-fits-all. I want my team to take pride in their work, see its purpose, and be happy to come in.”

Maintaining an open-door policy, Michelle prioritizes team support. In her role, retention is key. “People often leave jobs because of management, not work. I advocate for my employees,” Michelle emphasized.

Since becoming OSM, site fill rates, pick rates, and attendance have improved.

“I’ve faced personal challenges; my kids have special needs. We have diverse employees. Empathy guides me, and I lead by example. People matter.”