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Red Team Member

Location:  Any Leadpoint Facility with access to a major airport

Position Summary:

This is an INTERNALLY RECRUITED position.  Red Team Members are part of our regular Leadpoint Team.  Most of the time they perform roles such as Line Lead, System Lead, Admin, Shift Manager, and even On-Site Manager at their home client sites.  However, when a Red Team Member is ACTIVATED, he or she is called to engage in special, strategic assignments that support Leadpoint’s growth, brand reputation, and bottom line.  Typical assignments include training new on-site managers and leads, improving underperforming plants, and covering for absentee on-site managers and leads.  Travel assignments will typically be two weeks at a time and require weekend travel.

Key Responsibilities:

Perform his or her regular function to support Leadpoint and the home client whenever he or she is not called upon to travel for a special assignment.

While at his or her home site, the Red Team member will be called upon to perform these additional tasks:

1 – Complete additional growth-and-training coursework.

2 – Contribute to special Leadpoint projects such as testing new procedures or helping with a IT transition project.

3 – Partner with his or her manager for stretch assignments.

4 – Build a successor and act as their mentor.  Ensure that an individual is ready to step into your shoes and perform your regular functions to support Leadpoint and your home client.

When ACTIVATED to travel as a Red Team member:

1 – Complete tasks typical of an On-Site Manager, Line Lead, Systems Lead, Shift Manager, or Admin.  Tasks and temporary roles will often be higher than that typically performed at your home site.

2 – Listen, collaborate, resolve disputes, and partner with clients, teammates, and employees from a wide variety of backgrounds.

3 – Apply problem solving methodologies to complex mechanical equipment, organizational structures, and personnel challenges in the recycling space.

4 – Build teams, identify and develop potential leaders, and help teams discover excellent performance.

5 – Submit expense reports and other duties associated with travel.


  • At least 3 months experience as a Line Lead, System Lead, Admin, Shift Manager, or On-Site Manager.
  • Intermediate experience with single-stream equipment, OSHA programs (including LOTO, Fall Protection, and Confined Space), interviewing & onboarding candidates, coaching & training, disciplining employees, maintain records & files, operate a computer, and other responsibilities typical of an On-Site Manager.
  • Willingness to grow in your career and advance within Leadpoint (preferably with geographical & relocation flexibility).
  • Master of ethical decision making and a professional company representative.
  • Never-ending promotion of Leadpoint’s safety culture and client-first values.
  • Sufficient credit rating to allow for issuance of a company credit card.
  • Valid Driver’s License with eligibility to rent a car.
  • Clearance to fly domestically and travel for up to 2-weeks at a time on just a few days notice.

What’s In It for You???

Career growth.  Participants on the Red Team will receive training and practical experience that will benefit their career at Leadpoint as well as with other employers.  Red Team members are more likely to develop the skills and experiences that will make them eligible for PROMOTION to other roles within our company.

Job variety.  If you like to come into work and do the same thing every day, the Red Team isn’t for you!  Red Team members will face interesting problems that can’t always be anticipated.  Yes there will be training, but you will also be called upon to apply both your creativity & knowledge to unique challenges on a regular basis.

Compensation.  Participants on the Red Team will receive a salary premium from Leadpoint.

Travel Benefits.  During travel assignments, Red Team members will receive a daily per diem to cover meals and other personal needs.  Additionally, Red Team members may opt to receive a company phone or a per diem payment to help cover the cost of their personal phone.  Finally, frequent flyer miles, hotel benefits, and other incidentally gained travel perks may be enjoyed by Red Team members at their will.

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