Can you get more production from your manufacturing workforce?

The answer is yes.

Because that’s what Leadpoint does every day. We relieve the enormous responsibility of hiring, training and developing a top-flight team, so you can focus on what’s really important to your operation—productivity and profits. Our specialized manufacturing experience includes electronic assembly, food processing and packaging, and the automotive industry.

Workforce Optimization Process

We pride ourselves on our personal service and one-to-one relationship with skilled experts in labor management operations. Utilizing our robust Workforce Optimization Process, we provide pre-screened workers at every skill level who are trained to know your industry, expectations, and production demands. We also offer exceptional on-site management support to deal with everyday issues, as well as strategic planning analytic tools that help you stay one step ahead of the game.

As manufacturing industry experts, we understand your unique needs, major concerns and frequent problems. Training, safety and turnover are some of your top issues, and that’s where you’ll really see the benefits of our Performance Management Center (PMC).

The PMC provides an eagle-eye view of your entire operation. It helps you optimize your manufacturing environment through data-driven analysis, offers best practices and supports your operations with a management team that’s “on the floor” with the workforce, keeping the assembly line moving and solving problems before they become much larger issues.

Leadpoint is so much more than a labor supplier for the manufacturing industry. We think and act strategically and always seek the simplest, fastest, most cost effective solution. Our long-term solutions are focused on continuous improvement, not just band aid fixes.

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