At Leadpoint, we understand the pain points our customers face, whether they are start-ups, highly experienced operators, or anywhere in between.

That’s why we introduced Operations Support as a Service (OSAAS), extending our consulting service beyond labor management and into areas like technical consulting, direct hire and RPO, safety assessments, audits and training, and management training.

Safety & Health

Bring in our safety experts to create or update a safety and health program specific to your site. Our team can also conduct a safety audit of current practices, training, conditions, and incidents, all with a goal of making your MRF a hazard-free place to work. You can learn more about how we’ve brought this expertise to our customers here.

System Optimization

Every MRF we know of is continuously working to improve the overall efficiency of their plant. Changes like updating equipment, shifting incoming tonnage from one site to another, incorporating robotics or even changing the senior management team are important. They’re also extremely time consuming and specialized. Our OSAAS team can help with things like project management, shut-downs and turnaround planning, workforce-robotic collaboration and even fill-in managers when you need them.

Direct Hire

Turnover at the top may require more than a fill-in manager. You may need to recruit a high-caliber pant manager, route supervisor or line lead. Call on Leadpoint’s workforce and HR expertise. We can help find, vet and place members of your permanent staff, taking this burden off your already full plate.

Work Team Consulting

Talk to Leadpoint when you need a better work team solution than whatever you use today. We can consult with you about how to find, negotiate, set-up, and transition from your current state to a workforce program that gets you more out of every wage dollar. OSAAS allows our customers to outsource not just management of their workforce but also the implementation of plans and projects that will keep them competitive, profitable and safe. Ask about adding our OSAAS services independent of or in combination with our high-performance work teams.


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