LeadPoint Data Tools

Leadpoint Data Tools uses predictive analytics and sophisticated data mining technology to give you a real-time view of workforce performance and productivity at your site.

Leadpoint uses this data to provide proactive support, make a quick response to production challenges, and recommend operational improvements that will drive profitability, and sustain your competitive advantage.

You’ll have access to a dashboard of your site’s performance, with data aligned to your KPIs and goals.

The data will:

Monitor individual employee and facility performance

Track the total cost of labor

Predict future workforce requirements

Measure productivity gains and losses

Provide access to invoices and statements

Generate data for individual sites, or for regional/company-wide rollups

With Leadpoint Data Tools, you’ll know where your MRF operation is today and how to plan ahead for tomorrow.

Together, we’ll have the data we need to reduce costs, accurately predict labor requirements, and achieve consistent financial results.


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