The warehousing and logistics industry is moving into the future – quickly – and facing fierce competition from U.S. and international firms. Today’s supply chain leaders are under pressure to increase speed within their warehouses, keep costs down, and stay on top of the latest innovations in order to handle each order with maximum efficiency. And, of course, automation and technology are continuously pushing the pace of change. Top performance takes top people, but it takes more than headcount to win in warehousing. No company can afford to be stuck in a 1990s mindset.

We pioneered the application of high-performance work teams in blue-collar industries like warehousing and logistics. When you partner with us, we begin where traditional staffing companies end. Leadpoint’s workforce optimization approach streamlines the hiring, training, development and performance measurement of each employee.

Our Performance Managers work inside your organization – side-by-side with your supervisors and leaders – to analyze and improve performance and cut costs. They have first-hand experience in warehousing and logistics so are able to handle everyday employee issues and complex leadership issues beginning on Day One.

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