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Tactics for Mitigating Employee Turnover in Production Industries

At Leadpoint, we’re proud to offer staffing and workforce resource services to the recycling industry. Our work to embed qualified employees and teams in recycling industry jobs and material recovery facilities (MRFs)  has allowed our customers to perform at a higher level of productivity and efficiency while reducing costs.

In addition to handling your staffing needs, we also provide long-term solutions to help you evolve and grow your business and profitability. One of the most important areas here? Reducing employee turnover, which is a struggle for recycling business owners and MRFs. Let’s go over some general themes for reducing turnover in recycling, ideas we cover with all our customers.
mitigating employee turnover production industries

Well-Structured, Competitive Wages

It’s a simple reality in virtually any industry: Money talks, often more loudly than any other factor. And while you don’t have to blow away the competition and double the average market wage, finding ways to keep wage offerings competitive and perhaps even a bit above your competition is a great way to lower employee turnover.

In addition to a strong starting wage, it’s important to offer a more than wages to build employee retention. Providing perks such as job-sharing, extra vacation time or a flexible schedule can show employees that they’re valued.

Promotion and Growth Opportunities

Successful businesses offer employees a chance for advancement from within. No one wants to feel like they’re at a dead end, even in an entry level sorter role. You should do your best to encourage all employees to build new skills and develop themselves personally.

In addition, some employers offer specific programs to attract and retain employees. Maybe you regularly offer cross-training programs for skill development in different roles, for instance. This type of program shows employees you’re invested in them, and they’ll naturally be more invested in you. Not only does this help you retain your current employees, it will help attract new ones as well.

Constructive Feedback – In Both Directions

There should always be constructive feedback in a strong work environment – both from management to employees and vice versa. Employees should be able to both receive and offer their opinions without fear of repercussions, forming a positive environment where all sides work toward better performance.

Positive Working Environment

Creating a positive work environment is another way to mitigate turnover. For starters, good working conditions are a must to whatever degree possible within your recycling plant, though we know the realities of the industry make it a demanding workplace. Finding ways to make conditions as manageable as possible can go a long way with your employees.

For more on how Leadpoint’s high-performance work team model can limit turnover in your MRF speak to the pros at Leadpoint today.

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