Working in a MRF can be rewarding

Stephen Nassan – Chesapeake, VA

Building People Up

Stephen credits his military service for giving him the drive to get what he wants out of life. And although he admits to making plenty of mistakes along the way, his drive helped him earn both a bachelor’s and master’s degree before he started with Leadpoint in 2021.

“I never thought I was smart enough to get through school until I joined the military,” he said. “The military made me realize I’m not stupid, I just didn’t want it enough.” The actual journey can be miserable, and plenty of times he felt like giving up, but Stephen eventually came to the conclusion that success isn’t about how smart you are. It’s about your personal character.

Now as an onsite manager, he draws on his personal journey to create an environment where people are excited to come to work and do their best. “I’m not going to tell people what to do,” Stephen said, “I’m going to work hand in hand with them. This isn’t an easy environment,” he continued. “I have a crazy amount of respect for everyone on my team.”

Stephen has been in jobs where he made $7 an hour, hated his boss, wanted to quit every day, and was constantly told what he was doing wrong. “The military is all about breaking people down,” he said. “I want to do the opposite.”

Today, Stephen is creating the drive to succeed within his team by building people up, helping them improve, and reminding them of the importance of achieving small goals on their personal journey.


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