02/19/2019 | Waste & Recycling

From Where We Sit: Thoughts from Leadpoint’s Leadership Choosing to Run Your MRF Yourself

Profit & Operating Pressures: Steep & Deep

Like you, at Leadpoint we’re acutely aware of the profit and operating pressures MRFs are facing today. Some of the concerns we regularly hear are:

  • Costs are rising.
  • China’s import restrictions are driving down prices.
  • Bale quality and contamination are constant issues.
  • Inbound streams are becoming more complex and unpredictable.
  • The desire for and benefit of MRF automation and the cost to do so are at odds.
  • Finding and retaining the right employees feels impossible in today’s low-unemployment, rising wage environment.

At the same time, municipalities across the country are dealing with changes in local recycling programs, tax and revenue pressures on their recycling services, and ongoing efforts to educate consumers about recycling. Your challenges are steep and deep.

We get it.

A ‘Run Our Own’ Groundswell

At Leadpoint, we get calls every week from municipalities that are considering running their MRFs themselves as a way to regain some control and cut costs.

While we’re not in business to advocate or promote this approach, we understand why it can make sense for MRFs and municipalities of all sizes.

We also understand what it takes to run MRF operations and to handle the people.

It’s not easy. Leadpoint can help.

Hybrid Partnerships With a MRF Expert

A solution that can make sense for some municipalities is to run their MRF plant themselves and let Leadpoint help manage the people. This hybrid partnership approach has several benefits.

  • Operating Knowledge. You know your business. We know your industry. Leadpoint has nearly 20 years of knowledge and expertise in running MRF plants. When you partner with us, we bring that benefit into your operation every day, on every shift.
  • Leadpoint’s high-performance work team approach reduces turnover, training time, safety incidents and employee management issues for MRF operators. For each site, we recruit and hire a full-time crew of sorters, line leads and others, embed an experienced on-site manager, and handle the entire human side of the MRF process.
  • Some municipalities already have deep knowledge and HR expertise in house; they’re just not sure how to bring it all together to run their MRF efficiently and at a profit. Leadpoint offers short- and mid-term consulting services. Our Workforce Optimization Team of experts can come into your MRF and work with leadership to build skills, confidence and processes, and then leave the day-to-day business with you.
  • Direct Hire. Perhaps you have the processes, structure and technology to operate your MRF independently but are missing a few key employees to lead the way. Leadpoint’s industry knowledge and connections can help here, too. Our team can recruit and help you select the right leaders and staff members for your operation through our direct hire department.

Pulling it All Together

When municipalities choose to run their MRFs themselves, Leadpoint can join your team to run the operations and handle the people. This approach can help you manage costs, maintain control of the big profit picture, and improve productivity by having the right people in place.

Contact Leadpoint to explore partnership opportunities for your MRF.

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