Meet Our Onsite Managers

A Father First

Shaun moved to Minnesota in anticipation of his son graduating medical school and starting a pediatric internship in the state. His son is his priority. Their relationship extends beyond father and son, they are best friends. 

Shaun’s Leadpoint career started as a sorter. Within three weeks, he became a line captain. After another three months, he was promoted to onsite manager. Shaun took on the new role with a steadfast commitment to learning and transparency. 

When Shaun first became onsite manager, he went through every binder, computer file, and folder and asked questions. He extends his passion for learning to his team. “I want the next person to learn as much as I know and have the opportunities I have had,” Shaun explained.  

Shaun’s dedication to his team’s and son’s success stems from his personal journey. Originally from New Orleans, Shaun raised himself after his mother passed away when he was 14. He got his first job at Wendy’s after lying about his age. Shaun ran a successful air conditioning company for many years – not ideal in Louisiana’s triple digit temperatures and humidity. He was ready to leave the heat and embark on a new career.  

“I love my job and work hard to be a good boss. I explain that if you show up and put in the work, I will always have your back. I will get out there on the line, help with lock outs, and get in the screens – I do the work with you. They know they can always knock on my door,” Shaun shared. His direct and “get it done” approach have helped him earn the respect of others. 

When not at work you can find Shaun visiting nearby state parks or doing what he loves most – spending time with his son.