Meet Our Onsite Managers

Creating Meaningful Relationships

When Shareda was initially hired at Leadpoint as the contingent workforce coordinator, after losing her job during the height COVID-19, she was impressed by the growth opportunities the company offered its associates. Within a couple months, the site’s onsite manager position became available. Shareda expressed interest in the role. She knew her background and first-hand experience at the site were valuable to Leadpoint and the customer. She got the job.

Shareda’s story is built on a foundation of strong relationships, communication and consistency. Prior to working at Leadpoint, Shareda worked in accounting and banking. Although her experience was in a different industry, her leadership skills, attention to detail and proactive nature carried with her to Leadpoint. Shareda shared, “Everything you experience in life prepares you for what is to come. Doesn’t matter the industry.”

Shareda describes her leadership style as hands-on. “I can’t ask someone to do something if I could not do it, or uphold a standard that I am not upholding. I listen to my team’s concerns. They know the job better than I do. If they tell me something isn’t right or we can do something better, I listen. They are saying it for a reason.”

In fact, interacting with people is Shareda’s favorite part of her job and she strives to create relationships – with her team and the customer. When she first started at the MRF, the turnover rate was high. Her personable approach has made a difference. Through consistent engagement and appreciation, such as celebrating birthdays and taking time to recognize team members’ achievements, retention has improved.

To help people and cultivate an enjoyable work environment are Shareda’s main objectives. “We have jobs to keep people safe and build relationships,” said Shareda. And, she is doing a great job doing just this in Chesapeake, Virginia.